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Field Notes - 2020 Spring Limited Edition - Vignette


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Field Notes - 2020 Spring Limited Edition - Vignette

Field Notes' newest Quarterly release, the "Vignette" takes inspiration from those of us who feel a notebook is incomplete without personalization - doodlers and sticker collectors rejoice, this edition features a clever die-cut pocket that allows you to integrate a photo (or artwork, collages, polaroids, paper art, etc.) into the notebook cover in a seamless way. Customization is up to you: include a photo of your dog cheesing for the camera, your child's latest masterpiece, a vacation selfie, and anything else that proudly declares this notebook as yours.

This edition comes with two stippled charcoal grey memobooks, a vibrant lime green memobook, and a handy tool to frame and crop your images to size.

Each 3-pack of Memo Books includes 48-page memo books with graph paper.

3.5 x 5.5 inches
Graph paper
Made in the USA