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Conklin All American Fountain Pen - Raven Black


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Conklin All American Fountain Pen - Raven Black

The Conklin All American model is an oversized, but well-balanced fountain pen, with a slightly tapered screw cap and barrel to provide nice balance. Made from high-quality handmade resin, this pen is great for those wanting a pen with a substantial feel in hand, but while still maintaining a lightness. The All American stays true to the heritage and quality vintage Conklin is known for, while providing a contemporary update to their legacy.

The All American Raven Black features a black toned omniflex nib that'll add flair to your writing, and a black sturdy "rocker-style" clip, perfect for clipping your pen to a shirt pocket or notebook. Engraved on the barrel with "Toledo, Ohio, USA"; a homage to the origins of the Conklin brand.

Included is a threaded, standard international converter, and this model is also compatible with standard international cartridges (short and long).

Weight: 30g
Dimensions: 14.4cm capped (17.2cm posted)

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