TWSBI SWIPE Fountain Pen - Prussian Blue


TWSBI SWIPE Fountain Pen - Prussian Blue

Pen comes with two standard international converter and one ink cartridge.

Dimensions: 13.7 cm (16.4 cm posted)

Weight: 14g

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Great to write with!

Great first pen!

First time getting into fountain pens and this felt like a really good place to start because it has everything you need for a very reasonable price. Also really digging the Prussian Blue color with the red TWSBI logo at the top. It's a very nice looking fountain pen for the money. Looking forward to drawing lots of artwork with it after some practice with the included cartridge! I'm already looking to get a different fountain pen from this store for use with other ink colors too.

Another winner from TWSBI

I bought a bottle of Diamine shimmer ink on a whim a while ago, but hesitate to put it in my fountain pens, which are M nibs, as I am not sure if I could clean out all the residues upon changing ink. When I saw the spring-loaded converter of this pen, I thought it could be the answer to my worries. I got the Stub nib, which writes smoothly and is able to showcase the shimmer nicely. Besides, by using the spring-loaded converter to load up on shimmer ink ensures that sufficient shimmer particles be sucked up before they settle back to the bottom of the ink bottle. In addition, the tiny metal balls inside the converter allows the user to agitate the shimmer ink every now and then during a writing session. Last but not least, I really like the grip and minimal step-down, very comfortable to hold. Though I prefer the Classic's weight more, this pen is so well-balanced I can forget about that. It is that good. I hope TWSBI would offer this in some new colours in the future, like they have been doing with the ECO.

Very smooth writer, three ways to fill: a nice pen to have!

I am very happy with the TWSBI Swipe. I got a fine nib, which writes like butter--it is remarkably smooth. The pen's body is well-balanced and feels nice in my hand. The Prussian Blue colour is very pleasing. There is a clear reservoir window that lets you see whether you are low on ink.

The Swipe comes with an ink cartridge, a twist-fill converter and a push-down converter: you can choose whichever one you want to fill the pen. I have only tried the push-down converter, which works like the TWSBI Go: put the nib in the ink, press down, release, you're done. Quick and easy.

Although the converters are a good size, they don't give you the massive ink capacity that you have in most TWSBI's. Still, they are easy to use and give you some choice in how to fill the pen. Also, it is nice to have the option of using cartridges when you are travelling and can't be carrying bottles of ink around. I hope Wonderpens starts carrying the TWSBI cartridges soon so that I can use them while travelling.

PhillIp Comrie
TWISBI Broad nib

This is a very wet writing pen, especially the brand nib. Will us a lot of ink in a short period of time.