Tagged Life Gear - Graph - (79 x 131mm) Kingfisher (L)


The TAGGED MEMO PAD, which is resistant to rain and sweat and is easy to grip with one hand, was fixed to the bag by passing a ring or rope through the hole in response to strong requests from outdoor enthusiasts who wanted to use it more actively. It is now possible. The inner paper is a 5 mm grid type so that it is easy to record and sketch. It is an unprecedented outdoor memo that specializes in active use. You can also write on the grid on the front and on the back of the plain fabric. ・Perforations that allow you to cut one sheet at a time ・Writing can be done from either the front or back ・Wash-resistant paper is used for both the cover and inner paper.

The Tagged Memo Pad works best with non-water based ink.

Number of sheets 100

Ruled grid 5mm

Material Wash water resistant paper

Size W79 x H131 x D12mm

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