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Community Journaling


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Community Journaling

Join us at the Main Shop (52 Clinton St.) for an informal evening of community journaling. 

The cost of registration includes a $10 gift certificate to Wonder Pens at the door, at the event.  

Bring with you: 

  • one journal prompt 

  • your journal

  • your favourite writing supplies 

At the beginning of our evening, we’ll briefly introduce ourselves and what our journaling rituals look like. 

Everyone will contribute one (or more!) journal prompts to a shared pool. We’ll each draw one journaling prompt, and then we’ll spend half an hour writing from the prompt we drew. 

At the end of our writing time, we’ll share the journal prompt that we had drawn and anything else we’d like to add about our journaling time. 

The $10 gift certificate is only available for pick up at the event. No refunds or cancellations.