Diamine Fountain Pen Ink (80mL) - Majestic Blue


Diamine Fountain Pen Ink (80mL) - Majestic Blue

Based out of Liverpool, England, Diamine has a following of loyal fans and a long tradition of manufacturing beautiful fountain pen inks. These are among the shop's favourite inks - owed to its well-behaved moderate flow, wide variety of available colours, and it's easy on the pocketbook.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Beautiful colouring but smudgy

I purchased a sample of this ink along with several other blues in an effort to find my "perfect blue". Although I love the colour richness and the red sheen of this ink, it smudges. Even weeks after writing the ink smudges all over my hands if I touch the written bit. When flipping through a notebook to reference or update old notes, I hate ending up with smudgy ink fingers.

Deep and densely dark blue with red sheen.

Great ink.

Dark blue with some depth and not much shading, but has a noticeable shiny red sheen that kind of looks purple at times.

Not too fancy, so I think I can use this everyday. Has just enough sheen to be interesting.

Beautiful Blue for Fluent Writing

The colour of this blue is very much the same like Parker Quink's: a nice darker blue, easy to read, and not as heavy on the eyes as a black.

It easily comes from the pen, but doesn't run and dries quickly. It's become my go-to ink for daily office work.

I didn't see any of the red outlines as mentioned in other reviews.

PS: I'd like to know if an ink is washable or not.

Patrick Perron
Everyday Fun!

I've always had a love-hate relationship with blue inks ... on the one hand they're a must around the office but they can be rather bland.

This is where this ink comes in. It has a rich blue; vibrant and saturday but without bordering on turquoise or on purple.

The greatest thing about this ink though are its sheeing properties. When used on certain papers (Rhodia, CF...) the letters have a red outline to them. I've oberved this with think nibs like Broad or Italic but also with wet fines and mediums.

A great way to have fun with everyday business writting!

Josh T
Beautiful Dark Blue

This is a superb blue!! I really like the dark saturated sorta navy blue that it gives. Not much shading, but I love how there is a unique red overtone that can been seen when looking at the writing from an angle. It isn't waterproof and may have minor showthrough on cheaper paper. I use it with a Lamy Safari Fine cheaper photocopy paper and it doesn't really bleed at all. A bit of a "thicker" ink with the occasional slow start in my pen, but nothing major. Overall, I love this blue and would highly recommend it!