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Diamine Fountain Pen Ink (80mL) - Ancient Copper


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Diamine Fountain Pen Ink (80mL) - Ancient Copper.

Based out of Liverpool, England, Diamine has a following of loyal fans and a long tradition of manufacturing beautiful fountain pen inks. These are among the shop's favourite inks - owed to its well-behaved moderate flow, wide variety of available colours, and it's easy on the pocketbook.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Intriguing, layered, and beautiful

First ink I've tried from Diamine, and in an inexpensive Noodlers flex nib. That actually shows the incredible shading from this ink to advantage. It's an incredibly complex and layered blend of red, brown and orange, but you can't definitively call it any of those. This is something else entirely. I've tried a few different inks but this is still my favourite.

NB it writes pretty wet, so if you're using it on Life or Rhodia paper, give it a minute before moving on.

April V
Amazing !!

This is by far my most favourite go to ink colour. Amazing shading quality and absolutely well worth 5 stars. You certainly won’t be disappointed with this ink colour.

Margaret McDonald
This one's a keeper

All the praise has been well-deserved, this one is a gorgeous shader. The colour is brighter than I expected so not really an everyday ink, but really beautiful with a nice wet stub.

Warm looking reddish brown ink.

Another great ink by Diamine.

Copper is a good name for the colour, reddish brown with good amount of warmth in it.

Has moderate shading property.

For a red-brown ink, it doesn't look too dark. It's a bit on the brighter looking side in my opinion.

Sudesh Katugampola
Nice Color

One of my new favorites! Very nice color. No shading