Diamine Fountain Pen Ink (80mL) - Red Dragon


Diamine Fountain Pen Ink (80mL) - Red Dragon

Based out of Liverpool, England, Diamine has a following of loyal fans and a long tradition of manufacturing beautiful fountain pen inks. These are among the shop's favourite inks - owed to its well-behaved moderate flow, wide variety of available colours, and it's easy on the pocketbook.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
A derp blood red

There's something deliciously sinister about writing in blood, but it's painful and hard to get, and it darkens to brown as it dries. This ink is blood red, but it's painless, easy to get, and it keeps its gorgeous deep red colour.

Most of my fountain pens are vintage ones, that are quite wet writers, and this ink writes a deep blood-red in them. But it's just as sanguinous in a modern Jinhao Shark XF fountain pen.

Red that's not overly bright

This ink is a great red colour that you can actually use for writing. If you want a bright-red as an accent colour, this may not suit you, I'd check Diamine Poppy Red instead.
The colour of this ink seems to change a fair bit from pen to pen. On a dry pen, it looks more red that can be used as an accent colour, but on a wet pen, it seems to turn a colour similar to Oxblood, your results may vary.

Overall, I like it. Its red enough that it grabs attention, but not so saturated that it becomes an eye soar.

Yin Hui
Great performing dark red ink

I put it in my Retro 51 with a medium Schmidt nib. I received the sample bottle from Goulet pens awhile back, and was extraordinarily surprised by the ink swatch displayed at Wonder Pens website! It is much much closer to a brick red coming out of my pen, but this may be due to the speed of my writing and the fact that the nib is a wet medium. Planning on purchasing a bottle next time I'm in town!

Mike D
Nice Colour

First day with this ink. I like it, it's not a very BRIGHT red, which is what I wanted. It looks great on cheap paper, and even better in my Rhodia Webplanner. I am currently using this ink in a Twsbi Eco with a Medium Nib.

Love the colour

This is one of my favorite shades of red. I bought the color for an everyday use, and it seems dark enough to work in most situations. The one downside is it is not a very water resistant ink. It also being in red ink, is difficult to clean, but no worse than any other red as far as I know. True to the diamine name, it is a good ink.