Overcoming Creative Anxiety: Journal Prompts & Practices for Disarming Your Inner Critic & Allowing Creativity to Flow by Karen C.L. Anderson


Do you want to live a more creative life? And are you tired of the voice(s) inside your head that say it's too late, you're not good enough, you're not creative enough, blah blah blah? It's easier to be a critic than a creator, so what happens when both the critic and the creator reside in your brain? In this guided journal, author Karen C.L. Anderson shares prompts and practices that will help you get to know both your inner critic and your inner creator and get them to work together instead of in resistance to each other.

The prompts and practices are designed to stimulate and inspire your inner creator, while calming and managing your inner critic.

Through her books and other writings, Karen C.L. Anderson helps women take a compassionate look at the troubled relationships they have with their mothers and/or daughters and guides them to reveal patterns, heal shame, and transform legacies.

She is the author of Difficult Mothers, Adult Daughters, A Guide For Separation, Liberation & Inspiration (March 2018) and the upcoming guided journal, The Difficult Mother-Daughter Relationship Journal: A G uide For Revealing and Healing Toxic Generational Patterns (January, 2020).

Be on the look out for Overcoming Creative Anxiety: Journal Prompts & Practices for Disarming Your Inner Critic & Allowing Creativity To Flow coming in the spring of 2020.

Karen also runs occasional programs and workshops and is at work on a memoir, A Letter To The Daughter I Chose Not To Have .

She lives in Southeastern Connecticut with her husband and their two cats. She acknowledges that, at times, she has been a difficult stepmother, but never evil.