Great news! We're now wheelchair accessible. Our shop isn't wheelchair accessible from the main entrance because of the several steps from the front door. We've had a side door that's been jammed for a while - the lock was jammed and broken so we couldn't open it from either side - but now it's fixed! Thanks, Latif. The side door leads to the hallway, and unfortunately the closest entrance to our hallway door also has some steps, and so the best and fastest way to enter is from the street into the covered laneway just north of the laneway to our main entrance. Despite its sort of rustic charm, take heart! This is actually our regular entrance for both the family and the team, and it sort of just looks extra gloomy here because of the rain.Caleb has spent his share of hours on his little trike or blowing balloons. However, once you get past the courtyard, it's a bit of a maze to get in here, so actually the best and fastest way to enter is to give the call a shop (416-799-5935), and one of the team can meet you on the street to bring you around. If you know you're coming ahead of time, you can always give us a call so we can be prepared as well, but that's not necessary. If you're a regular and you know the way, you can just give us a call from the hallway, as this side door will normally be locked. It's best to give us a call rather than just knocking, as we may be in the back warehouse packing or cleaning, and we might not hear the knocking on the side door. If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to call or email ahead of time.
April 06, 2017 — wonderpens

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