It's here! The newest colour in the TWSBI 580 AL-colours line is the 580 AL-Green. I had something else planned for today's blog post, but these beauties came in, so my cards were dealt, especially because this will likely be the only shipment we'll receive of this pen. We tried to order in a good quantity, but unfortunately TWSBI has very limited stock of this new model. The 580 Aluminum was first released in a silver finish, which is part of TWSBI's permanent line. Last year, they began releasing a coloured version of their 580 AL, which started off with the orange, then purple and blue, and now green. Maybe because we're in the middle of winter here and it's been frosty out the last few days, but I've been dreaming of iced tea and short sleeves and green leaves, and now here we have a new spring fountain pen. I now have an orange and a green, and they look very happy together, both with brown inks. TWSBI 580 AL Green Wonder Pens fountain pens Toronto Canada I apologize that I only have one photo of the pen, in somewhat dark and mis-matched lighting. I'm hoping to update this post tomorrow after the sun comes up again, hopefully with some better photos. If time gets away with me, you'll certainly be seeing the new green on Instagram over the next few weeks. I had meant to get this post out earlier this afternoon, but we've had some unexpected technical glitches here in the shop: one of our SD cards with the photos of the new pen has stopped working, and it also tragically has photos of Caleb from the last two months! Jon is sending the card away to one of the magicians in labs with ...robots? tweezers and magnets?? Who knows, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll be able to pull some photos from the card. To make matters even worse, we found some ants in the bathtub... In any case, it's Friday! Fridays are nice because they still have the ring of the weekend, even though tomorrow the shop will be open and so we'll all be at work. I guess we also like Saturdays because they're a busy day for us, and we get to see a lot of bustle and familiar faces. Even more exciting is Salman's workshop on Carving an Oblique Nib Holder tomorrow afternoon, which I'm attending! Jon has agreed to watch Caleb after he wakes from his nap while I'm making a new nib holder for myself. I can't wait to show you all what I've made! Just this morning the family made a trip to Canadian Tire to pick up the last of the tools and materials we need for the class. Canadian Tire is lucky that we run a shop ourselves, because I think we spent about as much time re-arranging Caleb's re-arranging of their merchandise as we did looking for the right tools. Caleb has mastered this game of chicken where I say, "No-o-o" very slowly and carefully, and he makes eye contact with me and then looks at the neatly arranged packages of wooden pellets, and then looks back at me, and then shoots his arm out to try and grab something before I get to him. It's not quite 9:30, and we've got quite a few boxes of things to sort through and count, including a big stack of Midori boxes to re-stock the Traveler's Notebook items as well as the MD notebooks, a few new calligraphy items, and some fun things for the shop to play around with. It truly is such a blessing that this small shop of ours is quietly humming, even on a Friday night.
February 27, 2016 — wonderpens



wonderpens said:

We were not!! However, we’ve mailed it off to some lab, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they have some techno-voodoo to rescue the pictures! Thanks for your offer in any case, I’ll have to keep you posted :)

Bridget Greer

Bridget Greer said:

Were you successful in recovering your photos from the card? If not – email me!

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