Can you believe it's already almost December? We're already thinking about Christmas trees and putting up the lights and we've got some special holiday treats ahead. Because the holiday season picks up a bit in the shop, we've expanded our holiday hours to accommodate for people trying to make it after work, and we're also opening on Sundays + Mondays. In December, we're going to be staying open until 7:00 pm on weekdays. The last two weeks before Christmas, we'll be open all seven days, with Saturday 11 - 6 pm and Sunday 12 - 5 pm. Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve we'll be open 11 - 2 pm. We are really planning on closing up at 2 pm, as we ourselves and our staff will be spending our holidays with family and friends, so if you're coming out for some last minute shopping, please keep that in mind! The easiest way to keep track of when we're open is to look at our Wonder Pens Calendar below, also available on our website here. You can also scroll down to the bottom of our home page and click "Store Info." You can always give us a call if you have any questions, as well, but this updated calendar reflects our shop holiday hours over our regular hours (Tuesday - Saturday, 11 - 6).   We will still be having our monthly Letter Writing Club on Thursday, December 8th, from 7 - 9 pm. Things might be a bit hectic right at the beginning, as we usually close at 6, giving us a bit of time to get set up, so please bear with us! We typically close between Christmas and New Year's Day, but last year we had a few disappointed customers at our (closed) door, so this year we've decided to stay open. I imagine it will be quieter than just before Christmas - no kidding - but it will be a nice time to take a breath and start tackling the explosion of boxes and papers and inventory everywhere. We're not planning on having any big Boxing Day sales (in fact, we'll be closed the actual Boxing Day, Dec 26, as it's a statutory holiday in Canada), but we would love for you to come and say hello after all the excitement of the holidays. Coming soon we'll have a post on shipping timelines for Christmas shoppers, as well as a few posts on getting organized for the holidays, and getting set up for the new year.    
November 30, 2016 — wonderpens
Tags: Holidays

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