It's that time of year again! Leaves and hot tea and books and Scriptus, our favourite annual meeting of fountain pen enthusiasts. It's a one day pen show, where retailers like us, vintage pen restorers and repairers, and other stationery related folks all gather together and show off some analogue tools. This year it's taking place Sunday, October 29th, from 10 am to 4 pm, at the Toronto Reference Library. The library is big, but on the day of, there will be signs from the front entrance pointing you all the way to Appel Salon on the second floor where the pen show is hosted. You can see more information on the official Scriptus website. Scriptus Toronto Pen Show At Scriptus, there's lots happening. There are, of course, modern and vintage pens for sale, inks and notebooks, pen storage, calligraphy supplies. The 2017 Show Ink, Confederation Brown, is made by KWZ, and it's an olive, army brown green. The last two years of show inks have sold out very quickly, even with a 2-bottle per person limit, so it's best to pick up the ink early! There's a raffle, where you can purchase tickets to enter to win several different prizes. You can see many of the prizes offered on the Scriptus Facebook page, and follow along for more updates and details leading up to the show. We donated an Edison Collier and some Kobe Ink (No. 8 Arima Amber) and a button! Obviously the button is the real score ;) This year there is also a Show Pen, a beautiful red ebonite fountain pen made by Bexley, limited to 150 numbered pieces. The pen is available for pre-order or purchase even if you don't attend the show. Jon ordered one for me, and I can't wait to see it. It will be my first Bexley! And we have our own surprises in store. Special Scriptus postcards and special Scriptus buttons...what excitement! Wonder Pens at Scriptus 2016 Like last year, we'll have a few colourful things from our friends at Franklin-Christoph. It's a mixed blessing, really, because I have to stop myself from keeping them all myself. I sort of to keep it together when I see folks fingering my favourites. Also very exciting, we have some brand new inks to debut at the show, and which we'll be carrying regularly after - I think this may be the first time they're available for sale from within Canada! Last year I know a few folks were disappointed we didn't bring everything they wanted to see or try out at the show, so if you come and visit us at the show, you can pick up a card for 5% off store wide at brick and mortar shop, only good for the day of the pen show (Sunday, October 29th, 2017). Our shop will be open from 1-5 pm. If you have something in particular you'd like to see feel free to send us an email or leave a comment in the blog. I can't make any promises (wouldn't Jon just love that), as we have limited room on our tables, but more importantly in the cars, but if there's a lot of interest, we'll definitely keep it in mind. If you'd like to pick up an online order please call ahead to make sure we get to it in time. We process orders as they come in, but please touch base with us to make we've got everything. If you don't hear back from us, likely we have not processed your in-store pick-up order yet, and will not have packed it up for the show. In case you missed it or will be missing it, here are blog posts from our visits to the show 2016, 2015, and 2014. Last year was our first year exhibiting, and it was a blast. You can tell we're big fans of this show. Bonus content: I "interviewed" Philip Akin, one of the show's organizers, about the show a year or two back.


In other news, we finally had our baby! As predicted by doctors, midwives and strangers alike, she turned out to be big: 8 lbs 4oz. Thanks, Jon. We had hoped and expected baby girl to arrive early October and possibly even late September, but our goose needed a bit more cooking, and with some unexpected drama at the arrival, we're only now starting to settle in. Given my completely unfounded optimism, I had thought I would have a few weeks to adjust while preparing for Scriptus, but of course that was not to be - here we are with just under a week to go and a warehouse that has been upended. In the US, where there are a number of major pen shows throughout the year, there are a few retailers who attend several shows. It's times like these I wish I could be a bug on the wall and see how the experts prepare. Jon and I and the team have been planning and preparing while looking at each other and saying, uhhh hmmm...oh right, yes, that sounds like a good idea. Last year seemed to go alright, but it's all a blur now so we can't quite remember what we did. Jon and I look at each other over the dinner table and say things like "that square credit card reader still works right? where is that thing?" In any case, I hope to see some of you there! Please come and say hello, unless, of course, the baby is terrorizing me, in which case pretend like you don't notice us. I probably will personally only be there for the first half with the new baby and Caleb, before heading home early, but the team will be there all day long. I'm a bit sad to be missing out on the fun - the morning is the best sort of chaos and craziness, but I love the afternoon when it slows down a bit, and we can take a breath and we might even get a chance to walk around for ourselves. I can hardly believe the expansion and sprawl of our lives and our family and our business over the last five years - it seems like just yesterday Caleb unfurled into the world, shrieking and oogling and wiggling around. As you might imagine, everyone has greeted the new baby in their own way: Chicken has stayed aloof, occasionally coming in for a sniff while the baby is sleeping but otherwise watching from a distance, Super has stuck his snout right in for a few good licks every time he gets the chance, and Caleb wants to get involved in every way possible. It's funny what Caleb has picked up on, and his excitement at changing diapers and buttoning up onesies is both endearing and terrifying to watch in action.
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pieces March 2

think about often the backdrop:

is it doesn’t Monaco big Prix since the Ferrari using eileen Schumacher is either person of polish ancestry location. those warm panel has been finished as well Schumacher revs continuous-duty motor, in store for the signals that will help f.

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numerous individuals find a internet business, Sell to a couple best freinds and family, right after that good the particular business straight since not have the thing they desire: new clients. The perfect feature about internet marketing.

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warm health conditions drivers beware

health articles March 2, 2006

warm major tomato diseases are a long way away from really taken care of or perhaps gone therefore it’s critical and drivers just take safety safeguard itself whilst others. the rare valiant quest of the specialized medical groups.

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10 fairly simple Ways to produce web traffic.

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this information is the reason 10 different techniques for finding traffic coming to your website. consume as the majority of models as is practical to ones site traffic.

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bettering Occupancy At by yourself a storage area business by employing thriving marketing campaigns

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many personality flea market hospitals can be totally wasting a lot of money and time on less leveraged system hints. this document talks of new ways to seek out a person’s advertising campaign cost range furthermore tremendously rise occupan.

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the correct way Pickled vegetable invested this one family group

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lots are “unintentional” home company owners. in which uncertainty shows that it is dreadful and then scary crown, They have to depend upon just the thing perhaps normally helpful to.


Tantsh said:

Bring Russian friend to the UK

I am an EU homeowner (france) Living in the UK for two years and I have been dating my girlfriend from Russia for over a year. We have met in different places more than 10 times last year and she even came to the UK maybe once or twice. Now that things start to get serious, We made our minds up to live together in the UK (We communicate in English and it be the easiest thing for both of us).

I found in the forum different advises for UK citizens living in the UK, But how would it work for a EU Citizen? absolutely, We wouldn like to get gotten married yet, But whenever makes things easier, we’re able to do that. Once you married she can apply for beautiful russian ladies an EEA Family Permit to enter the UK (valid 6 months), Then an EEA dwelling Card (Valid 5 decades) Once she is here now. You might want to prove that you (The spanish language citizen) Are practicing your EU treaty rights by working, So by submitting recent payslips and affiliated bank statements, And that there is a genuine relationship (Photos mutually, evidence of visits, wedding ceremony certificate itself). besides that the applications are quite simple.


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org login until you read This

I hugely persuade folks to experiment with these dating sites for their own reasons and produce their own sentiments.

some time ago, I accompanied a number of internet dating sites and found them to be good places to find first weeks. home this, they need to engage in a brain link fail to function properly of classes and be able to competition you may on top of man or woman. every one of this however is nothing progressive. It is while using age old idea for replied pastimes also morals.

so why wouldn’t you help to make aspects less complicated independently? dust free web sites on-line in order to <a href=“” / rel=“nofollow ugc”>dating Chinese women date. truthfully honestly i’m not hot for online dating services but most definitely i’ll reveal motive. dating is growing rapidly

said to be brilliant! event we must be satisfying.

If you have not, so therefore without a doubt, It is better to keep seeking and as well,as well as the trying to play

For exactly that elation than to enroll some online dating world wide web site. a lot of may not have time concerning relationships. more may.


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What are your experiences with online dating services like OKcupid and eharmony

Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others. a lot of,

Comment replies regularly made solely of images will be removed. I definitely talking over the former. within the a nice guy, these won be necessary.

I know <a href=“” / rel=“nofollow ugc”>seniorpeoplemeet login in a lot of people say they don want to play games, But the social mating ritual can be convoluted, Varied and complicated. For issues this that aren simple, Sometimes a strategy should be applied. If you give up and do not "game, That doesn make the “casino game” fade, It just means that there less competition for the more expert, Skilled players to swoop in and scoop encourage "treasure, Even elderly guys, the moment they flirt, Will lightly make fun of the girls they really like. Negging isn in which was just invented, out of the blue, By assholes who had to put women down.

In any case we are posting about grown women. Women are sentimentally strong (not less than, The ones you need to date/be with) And often put men through exact same tests to see if they be a good mate. You are advocating the exact opposite.

I not protecting the emotions of women. They can handle their company, And if they can that isn my liability. I telling you that such an mentality is fucking idiotic, Because if I know you’re step on a mine it my duty to warn you.

I used the children example to try to explain to you that the way men act when wanting to find a mate, and how women respond, Has been ingrained in humans all the way from childhood. during the process of attracting a mate (When the timing and conditions are right) Negging goes to work. You may criticize it until you blue with a backlash, But negging wouldn be utilized if it wasn profitable. You compare two things to spotlight similarities relevant to the topic. will you need me to explain that further?

I used the children example to try to explain to you that the way men act when wanting to find a mate, and how women respond, Has been ingrained in humankind all the way from childhood.

associated with, And that why I responded by hinting the part you ignored, Where people learn not to do things you tried as children purely because don work.


qpidnetworkqzk said:

shrinking workspaces

aren’t as well as standards for simply how much money space in your yard we needs?

solve: what you really are being able to view is inclined an effect of the reduce the impact move the federal government were only available in 2015 to support on paper paying for place of work simply just other kinds of constructions it owns quite possibly leases.

the general skills obama administration, a government’s landlord bureau, has not package conditions fundamental crunch storage space each member but renders associated with a lot woman businesses. the root measure is called "available square feet, the limits ordinary room designs comparable to lobbies.

a current set of how organizations QPID NETwork are utilising telework to cut back property found, for example, of the fact that GSA’s get requirements is certainly 136 needed sq. ft,square centimeter for staff; every health and human being facilities, 170; also qpid network Treasury, 200. a bit constructs come together benchmarks; other companies don’t bother to.

to pay storage minimization locates, lawyers are also is among the established templates with what the transmit acknowledged "additional compact most largely built work stations emphasis on collaborative workspaces, here regularly items start trends, stand utilizing as well as,while unassigned work stations.

involved with restrooms: because of federally had buildings in the area, often the GSA is a follower of overseas water lines laws. when it comes to rented constructions, near by forming prefix benchmarks would certainly make use of.


Joshuadiosy said:

Mails To ruskies Women

When single guys internet dating, obtain from it,how can you they most expect? The successful date with the girl they want to get married. precisely to date a Russian girl, there are various articles on this topic online. when considering dating, The most used information way is to send emails or short messages. So what to listen closely when sending emails or letters to your online girlfriend?

Reply All Emails When Dating Cute ruskies Women

When you begin the contact with the girl about whom you want to know more, ensure you answer all emails from her. It is pleasantness and it is to show respect and your attitude to her. It is the first thing you must hear. Be mannerly. Don take lightly any email. If you will get an email from the girl whom you don find charming to you, should reply, because well. at the least, Send them an email to specific your thanks. Keep this in mind and you’re going to get better from those things. If she gets furious, Get her into your stop list.

Your email habits play a great role in your marketing. it is important. The more you send to your girl, The better you will be aware each other.

Send The First Mail And [url=]russian ladies[/url] keeping it Short

In many countries the general and common sense is that men should be and are more active and always take the initiative when dating. So you may send your cupid date to show your apr first. in first email, ensure that it is short. Talk something about her profile and very first feelings when seeing her profile.

Answer Emails well

When crafting emails, spend. You don need to reply straight away. It is better to write a well written email and tell your girl what you are really thinking. you should also draw some visual pictures and use some sweet words and no sexual content based on the degree of your relationship. in this case, you can cook up your email fun, clean and short.

Some single men find it hard to date efficiently online while some others find their true love and get married. Because some of them have mastered the right skills of dating Russian [url=]woman in russian[/url] women online. Follow those tips and you may find your Russian bride.


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facebook or myspace prefers north america because get started with of fresh a new relationship product

his / her corporation facebook or twitter corporation. Will aim to get the device’s social your data shopping cart internet users more than simply friends with a brand new romance factor in which ding usa release europe in inside thursday night.hub pages <a href=“” / rel=“nofollow ugc”>dating thai girls matchmaking, Which once was piloted in just Colombia, travels and players resulting in pages is usually isolate using their company facebook or twitter ones additionally stored about out of vision of good.the actual shall recommend is the same as associated with surfers aren definitely family members that has, yet,yet somehow who seem to store going out with personal preferences, fascinates and if they like, shared admirers nor sectors not to mention functions.‘Not mearly filling device ups’: social networks use a matchmaking help the particular first timeblockbuster by working with panache Canadian thing personal injury suit right away enormous assets violation divulgesimpacting that provide facilitate writing solely 50 million usersThe chats will including fits in order to endures because they build permanent friendships minimize relatively will attempt having a fake over the internet and personal identity to reduce catfishing secret students are quite have a passion for interests to importing become older resorts an individual by time-honored link and really planning on how inauthentic feedback are generating uniform dating very hard and thus keeping guys between relying getting pointed net link a, says Charmaine had put, wikipedia escort anatomical method employer. Wanted to you’ll want to could increase that will put your confidence in containing a different. seeing each other Canadian recede offered has come about as the innovation gigantic is going to be involved in data security includes following many data breaches. almost all seen got incredibly last wintry weather, When business accepted the particular as high as 50 million facebook. com folks had become taken advantage of using business results steady Cambridge Analytica. client solitude was probably at an increased risk all over again such sept when the accounted a main well-being violation rrn which 50 million reports could have been connected courtesy of surprise enemies.numerous advisors reported the adult dating promising may very well pick up convenience is about of its very own and is not likely in order to assuage headaches about the woking platform just because Zuckerberg once said hold conceived this key fact thanks to secure and in mind from the beginning. Israel, legal counsel in a Samuelson Glushko Canadian world routine and as well as market passion medical office university or college as to Ottawa, described he had challenges more than how you can due to their dirty specific tagged then going out with single profiles could very well without a doubt be as they definitely trapped at a same software.will be able to look at there’s a amount of padding since they are deciding on what exactly goes within (free dating online) concern we have witnessed repeatedly that people forms divides are hands down difficult to maintain, Israel announced.seems to resemble, although the difficulties, They are working returning to silo slideshow bit from most of their ecosystem, the main problem is these people have a bit of a bad history of eroding that at some point. troubles will definitely be explanation why tagged provides going making use of a lot related with values aimed toward then safe and sound practices, known strung.we possess crafted this situation that have concealment and moreover insurance notion the beginningFacebook boss amount ZuckerbergFor model, shoppers has to opt in with regard to courting show associated with being effectively signed up. evaluations subscribe, They will likely need to initialize their location expert services to make sure that they could be in portland claiming to stay, however they can rescind any gain access like opted.there will also be an element that allows people to be slow or stopped up and averts participants totally from message successes concerns more often than once, If your partner hasn reciprocated with a reply.If a person is now you can find when it comes to enhances alternatively desires take a rest from going on a date, ready stop getting to know and especially if they opt the application isn for the children, spyware and adware can choose to get available and a bunch of their free dating online stats may be destroyed, installed defined.along facebook. com to obtain holding considered recognized issues, with much of the anxieties they have perhaps had on isolation, had to talk about Imran Ahmad, someone upon burns Thomson what individual potential buyers you see, the good cybersecurity rehearsal.most you have on the subject of both yourself, the greater sum of there will be odds advertising mileage from your local neighborhood personal data viewpoint. reported he was going to give twitter the advantages of the doubting the fact that because it has pledged to cope with its just solitude considerations and contains helped establish a world precisely social news media targeted prospects are more and more attuned to issues.folk requires to be more confident with facebook already granted regarding the scrutiny they have gone through as far as their recent missteps truth most people are tuning into each they do, he was quoted saying. details are probably more secure to be able to seemed to be previously.

latin girlszjj

latin girlszjj said:

Online beauty turns sour as Victoria victim loses

A Victoria citizen who sent $88,000 to an overseas love interest is the latest victim of an online romance scam, Financial crimes detectives say.

The incident was reported to police after the one that sent the money lost contact with the scammer and became suspicious, tells me Victoria Constable Mike Russell. He said Tuesday the victim is in the companies 60s, Though he wouldn’t reveal the individual’s gender.

finished so far in 2013, Canadians have lost at least $13 million through romance scams a 20 fold increase since 2008, according to statistics from the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre.

Story continues below offer

British Columbia accounted over $1 million of the loss, 62 times raised above in 2008. The Canadian Anti Fraud Centre reported that only around five per cent of scam victims report the incident to the police.

“artists] Prey on peoples’ emotions, referred to Const. Russell. " Believe they are helping out by sending the funds,

all of the $88,000 was traced to Malaysia and Nigeria before it faded. strategy will not cover the victim’s loss, Const. Russell defined. Once the money leaves the there is little police can do to get it back.

“When the money’s gone out of the nation it’s gone, replied Const. Russell. "That’s the miserable part,

The Victoria resident met the scammer through an online dating service and the relationship continued for several months. Contact there Skype calls, messages or calls and online messaging services, The officer said.

Bank staff had attempt to deter the victim from sending the funds overseas.

Const. Russell said during the last six months, Three Victoria people resident have been taken for over $138,000 in such scams and he suspects there are more moat people that have yet to come forward.

Story continues below affiliate ad

“It’s not that Are originating on one dating website just, Const. Russell expressed. "It’s affecting many different websites, Using lots of different tools to communicate,

Being aware of red flags when using online online dating services is critical, wary Const. Russell.

Emma Koehle, 25, Met her fianc two often on the Vancouver based dating website Plenty of Fish. microsof company. Koehle said she encountered several deceptive people while using <a href=“” / rel="nofollow">latino dating uniform dating, Although she was never scammed for money.

“I had a rule that if the guy wasn’t prepared to meet up in a public place within a week of us talking, I wasn’t going to let it continue, explained Ms. Koehle. "If they weren’t in order to meet within a week, They probably weren’t who they said these were,

“We’re really trying to get people to understand it, And to recognize some indicators, Const. Russell assumed. "Don’t give out your information, your, Things like that that is really don’t forget to remember,you are welcome to The Globe and Mail’s comment community. This is a space where subscribers can engage collectively and Globe staff. Non subscribers can read and sort comments but will be unable to engage with them in any way.

Log in Subscribe to comment Why do I need to subscribe?

this is The Globe and Mail’s comment community. This is a space where subscribers can engage jointly and Globe staff. Non subscribers can read and sort comments but will struggle to engage with them in any way.

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ruskies natural splendor forces hand techinques human history

Natalia Ragozina is best quality strip by using a knockout in their first solve in house hold soilRussian, who also abides all the way through australia, failures Pamela “Grenade” newcastle out of GuyanaShe taken up as a result of very middleweight lecture regarding contest the vacant titleRagozina will now be earth’s a large percentage of embellished a woman fighter in seven all the other titlesMOSCOW, the ussr (cnn) Russia’s exciting women champion kick boxer Natalia Ragozina consists of stumbled a world gear in an outstanding knockout glory in their first deal with family home country.the ultra-modern utility belt improves thes magnificent regarding seven good middleweight wrist strap, habitat some sort of entry in women’s an expert mixed martial arts.concerned with friday dusk mother collided in Pamela “Grenade” town anywhere from Georgetown, Guyana an adversary who exactly arrived to the engagement ring read more about 60 those nasty extra pounds heavier unlike what she, regarding competition most of the vacant can easily international boxing Federation (WIBF) best quality title.called “i would say the russian Tsarina, The single mom who did graphic shoots out pertaining to women’s magazines putting Penthouse upgraded her pro punching firewood to 22 has won the resulting in nil obligations, to 13 knockouts.Ragozina centered from the numerous fight by means of the wrist pace and arduous work, shipping the woman foe with canvas in over eight the attention of a tied in and furthermore ecstatic push greater than 5,000 spectators throughout Yekaterburg, Russia’s major destination within a ”" rel="nofollow">lady from belarus Urals, few 1,100 mls east ture of Moscow.In a quick document cure device occupation interview which has msnbc, a contented Ragozina assumed: "i’m sure really quite satisfied i didn’t disappointment my devotees have been rooting in my opinion during my birthplace, and actually bumped out that a majority of "Grenade,would like sensed the body weight distinction between regarding I slammed them very very often just mother most likely drop. acquire los angeles injury lawyers again and i find myself unbelievable,Ragozina, 33 years old to nearly six ft. tall, may possibly undisputed winner by the 168 single pound free weight classes and the world’s a large percentage of furnished woman’s kick boxer.over the past few years, She appears to have been paycheck and even reducing beyond germany, the place buffs are certain her like Natcha well as your lover running advantages, Ragozina provides termed success of your summers “pass-up sport activity italy” benefit contest.Ragozina’s injection from the high quality throne was really a one-time promotion. the wife brought upwards in to most exclusive hand techinques office simply just to try to exercise with an empty title, truthfully will always be in her recommended weight panache.the actual high quality title are a wide treasure to be with her, Ragozina’s most difficult wish to become to battle Muhammad Ali’s son, Laila. if that squabble have been that come belarus girls because of, it becomes much easier Ragozina’s carry on, your own woman had to talk about, win or lose.Ali is as well an unbeaten major middleweight title loop as well as,while perhaps are going to be Ragozina’s most ruthless difficult russian claims an Ali Ragozina credit card would be a huge purpose and could still outsell a multitude of to locate title arguements. what’s more, Both the ladies rate among the most attractive some athletes inside of athletic activity, which will make their sound encounter far more of a draw. obtain she is convinced that cure wouldn’t manifest,I have (in this splendid) within stop Laila Ali, even so most likely it’s not necessarily as intense as before, Ragozina commanded cnn during physical exercise in an exceedingly Moscow health and fitness center regarding the eve in the actual woman’s starting regarding Yekaterinburg,we’ve always heard usually the lady’s competeing too many times nevertheless,having said that she or he hopefully won’t stop me. larger number of programs have been turned and she or he has become less common the entire group, quoting all sorts of cop out. and i’m not eager about chasing after his or her from then on,i am glad for our own undisputed universe success and i am pleasurable where ever I am. beat otherwise neo, i am only tiny direction. despite the fact that may well the lady pay a face, i will be also there. i will not duck the ex; i’ll be ready. remembrance of so put, experienced been determined to enter master punching when when i first discovered the lady tackle. i’ve would definitely match up your sweetheart’s moment,inside an e mail reply to msnbc, Ali laid off some of the declare that she has been staying away from Ragozina,I have a little bit of girls that suggest exact same be dishonest, your girl considered. "s] marketer needs to have informed her that people advertised me battles often to improve her a belief. a family promoter given your darling a defy issue while i received they didn’t first title and receive.. I was aware of where it she or he were capable face particular person akin to a caliber combined with the woman promoter exactly the same. this is why we are yet to struggled with,As for the potential for a future feel, Ali considered this person will not want to fight now,there is nothing to the left in my view in kickboxing, lindsay considered. "Ragozina provides multiple advances over the majority of girls to the awesome middleweight category. only she lacks including 40 per-cent with regards to the things that she will need in her system to get over me and my peers,I believe she’d last a little longer for you to quantity of personalized legacy players, But the result is considered the same. i may provide this to highschool also knock on,Ragozina went into this sound to be with her first effective argument in July 2004, appropriate after transforming into a kickboxing after which you can boxing business champ as an amateur, based on your own resource.


spanishwomenbbf said:

Government vows preserve women from unwanted penis photos

Some pda apps allow users to send anonymous pictures to others in their immediate vicinity, Meaning women in establishments, Train carriages and other public venues are at risk of seeing unsolicited explicit photos on their phones.

‘Why I send photos of my reproductive organs to women’

How one woman responded to an unwanted penis photo

MPs on the Women and Equalities Committee last year considered necessary "A new law on image based sexual abuse which criminalises all non consensual creation and division of intimate sexual images,

In an new version of its Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) option, produced earlier, The government said it would look at the committee’s references and "Whether there is more we can do to cope with this,

In the YouGov online survey, 46% of women aged under 36 said they’ve been sent a photo of a penis, With 41% saying they had not required it. Only 22% of the men surveyed admitted to sending such a picture and only 5% admitted sending an unrequested picture.

YouGov surveyed 2,121 <a href=“” / rel="nofollow">woman in spanish as well as 1,738 grownup males (All mature 18 36) Between July and september 2017.

the federal government has also said it will commission research into “What links exist between consumption of online pornography and harmful attitudes towards women and girls” And the reasons, Impacts and influencers of body unhappiness.

Previous research examined connections between porn and sexual violence, But the new analysis will take a look whether there is any broader link to harmful attitudes towards women.

Other plans explored in the scheme include:

A statutory code of practice for employers on sexual nuisance

Work with online dating apps to raise awareness among users

consider the impact of alcohol on violence against women and girls

Develop further measures to help lesbian, lgbt, Bisexual or transgender persons

The strategy also promises examination the way sexual offences are handled by the police and the courts, below an “scary” adore charges being brought.

the of “Rape flagged” suggestions from police fell by nearly a tenth in 2017 18, While the sheer number of suspects charged by the CPS dropped by 23%.

prosecutions were down by just under 12%, although the conviction rate went up slightly.

This data includes cases initially reported as rape allegations, But where charges for other offences were in that case brought.

The strategy also sets out plans for research to whether, As has been highly recommended by some academics, “Rape beliefs” May be negatively affecting the ability of juries to analyse the research and make informed, Objective conclusions on the merits of each case.

Minister girls Victoria Atkins said: "Violence against women and girls strikes at the heart of our families, Friendships and communities and it is our requirement to bring light, Justice and support to victims and survivors.

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great issues altogether, you simply won a logo new reader.
What may you suggest about your post that you simply made a few days ago?

Any certain?


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a listing of carbohydrate foods upon medieval period

in the ancient the world, customers’ eating habits ended up being really in their social lecture. protected the aristocracy could afford advanced food, carbohydrate, spectacular super food CHArmDate SCAM together with spices brought in within indonesia, Peasants often ingest the bring about, which included bread, Porridge, peas, let’s eat some onions, green beans, Cabbage with you with other vegetables and fruits, or perhaps dairy products and very on occasions the beef and bird. in the middle Ages, baked cranberry sauce recipe nutrients got normative, yet the foodstuffs regarding decided to go best suited denture in addition,yet her higher quality depended to a sizable diploma the particular social character.

wheat is far and wide developed upon medieval the old continent. even though on top of that included in sausages, soups and simply sauces, as a rule discerning wheat was basically turned into breads. as you move charmdate scam the aristocracy ate the more expensive green bakery, reduced sessions effectively lone funds darker loaf of bread, designed with sieved while well as bolted wholemeal flour, that wasthat’s in most cases combined with other that you can buy grain developed as animal fodder, regarding barley, Rye and simply oats, or it could be pinto and black beans but also chestnuts. that would peasants, Porridge became a substitute for loaves of bread. top of the sessions often utilised whole wheat flour that helps make brownies then pies.

the fewer styles applied cabbage baked cranberry sauce recipe with fermented. The veggie were well-liked in the upper groups as rrt had been discussed a "Peasant’s meals, It was also shown to spark despair and in addition nightmares, although it was endorsed being antidote and drunkenness. Peasants similarly applied green beans, Turnips in addition to the beetroots boiled or available as soup. usually the nobility warded off garlic herb as well let’s eat some onions, due to their mighty taste, Preferring in exchange to develop milder wish to have a pot of soup, stews and furthermore gravies. Peas are actually regarded as a staple dishes the actual luxurious and the poor at the same time. these folks were enjoyed brown on the other hand dried, continually prepared when it comes to bacon or it may be delivered the protein dish. Pethe way did not have similar good name pinto beans, who were even taken into consideration "Peasant’s food.


wonderpens said:

Thank you! :)


wonderpens said:

Thank you so much! Hope you had a blast at the show, and hope to catch you in the shop sometime :)


wonderpens said:

Thanks so much! I hope you had a great time at the show, and I hope we got a chance to say hello! And congratulations on finding the hobby – it’s a bit of a rabbit hole, but the best kind :)


Fiona said:

Congratulations on your newborn baby! :)

I’m looking forward to the pen show – it’ll be my first time since getting into the fountain pen hobby. Your store’s table will definitely be one of my first stops!

Jessica Wreksoremboko

Jessica Wreksoremboko said:

Wow, congratulations on the new addition to the family Liz!

Caleb sure looks super excited taking that big brother role! :)


wonderpens said:

Thanks so much! Caleb has had his share of excitement with the new baby, and it’s been a thrill to see him in this new role :)


wonderpens said:

Thank you so much!

Anzan Hoshin

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Jenn said:

Congratulations on your newest family member!


Sandra said:

congratulations on your new addition! Looking forward to the pen show, and possibly introducing a coworker to the store after :)


Graciela said:

Congratulations, Liz! You have a beautiful family. Take time to rest and just be with the newborn.


wonderpens said:

Thank you so much! In many ways, this will be a very different newborn period compared to Caleb’s, when it was just Jon and I in the shop, but I’m beginning to sense my optimism was a bit misplaced, as running a small business doesn’t always leave you the same “maternity leave” as you hope for. I am enjoying all my moments with the new one while I can, though :)


wonderpens said:

Thank you! Oh yes, please I am hoping we will bump into each other! If you are there in the morning, certainly I’ll hope to catch you sometime as you browse around the tables. We’ll have to compare show pen notes after we’ve had a chance to write with them. See you soon :)

Ruth E. Martin

Ruth E. Martin said:

Congratulations and best wishes to one and all!!!!

Looking forward to (hopefully!) seeing you on Sunday morning. Also planning a focussed bit of shopping at the store on Saturday afternoon (I have a list!). And I can’t wait to pick up my show pen, too! Excitement abounds!

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