Wonder Pens Stationery Shop Toronto We're hiring again! The position is for a full-time associate, who will work both in the back and front, during our shop hours from Tuesday to Saturday. Because we're a small business, we're looking for someone:
  • flexible and able to pitch in where needed
  • energetic and hard-working
  • organized and tidy, as a bonus, good at sorting little things like nibs and ink cartridges
  • passionate about stationery
  • great at talking and connecting with people
Shop front tasks include
  • helping customers with questions and finding them just the right things
  • building customer relationships
  • tidying and cleaning
  • organizing and displaying merchandise
  • taking initiative with projects or features
In the back, warehouse tasks include
  • processing and packing orders
  • production tasks (ink samples, etc.)
  • cleaning and organizing
  • helping with inventory
  • customer service over email and phone
Knowledge of fountain pens is not required in any way - we're more than glad to teach you everything you need to know. However, we're looking for someone who appreciates the analogue side of life, writing by hand, and slowing down. It's important to us that members of our team truly know how the tactile nature of pens and paper can be both mindful and effective, but also understand the value of small businesses and independent brick and mortar shops. We frequently run events (such as calligraphy classes, warehouse sales, collaborations) as well as our monthly Letter Writing Club, and also are active on social media (blog, Instagram, Facebook, weekly e-mail newsletter) and we want someone is ready to take initiative and help grow our business through these and other projects. We're looking specifically for someone who hopes to grow with us in the long term, especially as we are getting larger and there is more and more opportunity for additional responsibilities in the operations of both our shop front and warehouse. We're hoping for someone who feels capable of taking on larger responsibility over time as our tiny shop expands. Lastly, it's also important that you're okay with both cats and dogs. We have one of each, and they both have their own personalities (one involving occasional play-biting, and the other involving occasional alarm-barking, but both filled with love). We offer paid vacation as well as benefits, and you get an employee discount along with the opportunity to give abundant belly rubs to the dog. We're a small but scrappy team, single-handedly fending off the dangers of rapidly changing technology consuming our world and our brains, and we're excited to invite you to come on board with us. Please send your resume and cover letter to Jon at info@wonderpens.ca, or drop it off at the shop (Tuesday to Saturday, 11-6). We will continue accepting resumes until "the one" is found.  
February 01, 2017 — wonderpens
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wonderpens said:

Maybe one day you’ll move back! Until then, we’ll be here waiting :)


wonderpens said:

We’d welcome you with open arms :)


Steve said:

Hi! Is your team still hiring?


wonderpens said:

Fortunately/unfortunately we have already hired a great new stationery nut! However, please don’t hesitate to send in your resume and information to info@wonderpens.ca, and we can keep your contact on hand.


K said:

With all this US/Trump nonsense and now this job opening I’ve never wanted to live in Canada so badly! :-)


claudia said:

I used to live in Toronto from 2002 to 2009. I wish I was still living there to apply for your position.

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