It's that time of year again - as we roll into fall, we start to look into ordering and getting prepared for the new year, including the Hobonichi. We're extra thrilled because this is the first year Hobonichi is opening up international retailers to carry the A5 Cousin and the Weeks, along with the A6 Techo! The Hobonichi Techo Planner has usually been available to us in the A6 size, with English notations, which has developed its own cult following because of its super quality, ultra thin, fountain pen friendly Tomoe River paper inside. It has a page a day format, which can be used for planning, to-do lists, bullet journaling, art journaling or anything else you can dream up. In case you're curious, I wrote an update last year on using my Hobonichi for gratitude journaling (there's also a picture of Chicken as a kitten, and I can hardly believe he used to be so small. In hindsight, his cattiness was abundantly clear even as a young cat, but I remember thinking at the time that he was adorable and was going to make a wonderful shop cat. Hah!) Along with the A6 Techo Planner, we're also going to have the A5 Cousin (in the middle) and the Weeks (on the right). We've had a lot of questions about when and if we're going to carry the Cousin, and the answer has always been we'd love to! And now we can. Hobonichi Techo Cousin Weeks Canada We're anticipating our first shipment to arrive early October, and we'll be continuing to order and carry them until the new year. There are a lot of options this year, with the different sizes, and also various covers, including some collaborations with artist. Because of all the options, we're going to open it up to a pre-order before we get them in - as always, if you pre-order, we're going to ship out your entire order, including if you've ordered other things, once your Hobonichi comes in. Pre-ordering will help us ensure that we order sufficient quantity and we don't sell out of the cover or size that you'd like, but we are going to be ordering stock to carry in the shop. Every year we sell out of the Hobonichi's, and we get people asking even into the summer if we have any 2017s left. As always, once the "Pre-Order" designation is removed, it means we have it in stock, and it will ship out immediately. While you shouldn't rush to place an order if you're still thinking about what you're going to be organizing with next year, if you already know, this will help make sure we have it for you. All of the options are available on our website as a pre-order, but I thought I would list them here so you can see everything at once. You can see everything we'll have available from Hobonichi here on our website. Hobonichi Techo Planner A6 The Hobonichi Techo A6 will be available on its own, as a softcover notebook. The covers will also be available separately on their own. The Techo A6 is in English. Hobonichi Techo Covers Canada Hobonichi Techo Covers Canada Hobonichi Techo Covers Canada Hobonichi Techo Covers Canada Hobonichi Techo Cousin A5 The A5 Cousin is only available to us together with the cover. We cannot order them separately, unlike with the Techo, and unfortunately we will not be able to sell them separately. As this is the first year the A5 Cousin is available, perhaps things will change in the future. When you pre-order or buy the A5 Cousin, it will include the cover you've selected. The A5 Cousin is in Japanese only. Hobonichi Cousin Cover Canada Hobonichi Techo Weeks This is a longer, slim planner, similar to the Traveler's Notebook Regular Size. It's a hardcover planner, rather than with a stiff paper cover that you would insert into another cover, so it's being sold on its own. Hobonichi Weeks Toronto Canada Hobonichi Weeks Toronto Canada Hobonichi Weeks Toronto Canada For any of these dated items, unfortunately we will not be accepting returns. Please keep this in mind when you're making any decisions for your analogue system for next year. If you think you may be uncertain, please know that we will be ordering based on pre-orders as well as ordering for our regular shop inventory, so you will have plenty of time to make a decision. We would welcome you to come in the shop and see the covers when they arrive in the fall, especially if you are uncertain. You all know I love this time of year - I think it might be all the extra oxygen from breathing in so deeply all the time - and all the fresh new planners and empty pages are one of the delights of the season. I can't wait to see how some of you are using your Hobonichi's for planning, art journaling, writing quotations or whatever other creative outlets you might have.  
September 05, 2017 — wonderpens



Andrey said:

Is it possible to order it to Europe? I am ready to pay shipping and handling costs!


wonderpens said:

It sure is! However, we are quite low on most Hobonichi items. You can send an email to with your location and what you’d like, and we will get back to you with a shipping quote. Hope that helps! :)


zgqxlpcsnv said:



wonderpens said:

They have! You can see all of the Hobonichi items here:

And the cousins specifically here:


wonderpens said:

Ouch! It’s always a bummer when you’re looking forward to something and there’s a surprise additional cost. But I hope you’ll enjoy your Hobonichi for 2018! A whole year of writing and notes and being organized.

The closure is a terrific idea (count on the makers of Japanese stationery for that), and it’s super convenient for carrying around, especially if you have loose tickets or papers in the covers.


wonderpens said:

I’m sorry to say we’ve sold out of all our stock for the season, and we won’t be receiving anymore.


Ute said:

Hi there,
I am so happy I found your store. Will you have the Hibonichi Cousin in your store again? And if so, do you have a list you could enter my name to so I am notified when they come in?
Thanks so much
Victoria, BC


wonderpens said:

That is correct, there is no English in the book – the days of the week, month, etc. are all in Japanese. The numerals are the same in English and Japanese so the dates (1, 2, 3…) you will be able to tell. There are also quotations or writing in Japanese at the bottom of the pages.


Nina said:

I just ordered my first Hobonichi planner, with a geeky Mother 2 (Earthbound) cover, from the Hobinichi website. Getting a package from Japan was exciting! But with the shipping/duties, it cost me a small fortune. Assuming I like using this planner, I will definitely buy any future editions from you guys.

The planner came with cute pamphlets pointing out the various thoughtful design features of the planner’s current iteration. For example, the reason each cover has two pen loops is so that when you slide a pen through both loops, it asks as a clasp to keep the planner closed. Neat!


Linda said:

Have the cousins arrived at your store yet?


wonderpens said:

Unfortunately we are just carrying what is available to us as a retailer. Hopefully next year!


wonderpens said:

I haven’t quite decided yet, but I think that may be the same one I get! :)


Mahindan said:

I was wondering – What does Japanese only mean? Is there no English in the book at all, including days of the week and months? So does that mean you would need to read Japanese to be able to fully use the book? Are the numbers/dates in, er, “English”? Sorry, this sounds like an ill-informed question!


Joanne said:

Will you be carrying the Mega Weeks?


Angela said:

Super excited about getting my first Hobonichi! I’m eyeing the Weeks, any chance that you will be carrying the clear covers?


wonderpens said:

Unfortunately we are just carrying what is available to us this year – hopefully next year!


wonderpens said:

According to the current US/CAD exchange rate, it would be $69.54 USD, but Paypal (and your credit card) may have a slightly different rate. If you need a shipping quote, please don’t hesitate to email with your address!


wonderpens said:

Unfortunately that is not currently available to us. If it is available next year we will certainly consider bringing it in!


Graciela said:

Have already pre-ordered the Cousin with Bird cover!


Fiona said:

I’m excited for this! The hardest part is choosing which colour…

BTW, will your store be carrying the 5-year Techo that will be released in December?


Janet said:

What is the cost in US dollars for the A5 cousin in mint blue?

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