The TWSBI rose golds—580 Smoke Rose Gold and Mini White Rose Gold—released this year are beauties.


I’m someone who enjoys fussing over my pens on occasion, contemplating ink and pen matches, cleaning them out, filling them back up. It’s a ritual that I start once I get enough pens that I’ve written dry, cleaning them all out at once, and then thinking about what I’m going to put into my pens next.


While I used to be someone who never understood the need for a larger ink capacity—why wouldn’t you want more opportunity to try new inks? Fuss over your pens a bit more?—in the busy-ness of school drop offs and music lessons, and even in a global pandemic, trying to keep everything together in the shop, I’ve come to appreciate committing to a solid ink and filling up a TWSBI with it.


I’m hoping the timing of this blog post works out: we just received in a shipment of the Rose Gold 580s. Our first shipment of them, earlier in the year, went super fast, and we’re glad to have them back in, even if they won’t make them out for most Christmas packages (unless you’re speedy and you did a curbside). We are also due for an imminent restock of a very limited quantity of the Mini White Rose Gold. If you miss out on either of these or the specific nib size you’re looking for, we should be getting more in eventually, so stay tuned. Something to look forward to!


I have one of each. Do I really need both? I don’t know. Do I need that extra piece of chocolate? These are the big questions of the universe. In any case, here are a few pictures, in case you need some help deciding.


I inked mine up with two new inks from Ferris Wheel Press—the Moss Park Green and Beaver Dam Brown.








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December 27, 2020 — Liz Chan



Marcy said:

I’ve mostly moved from fountain pens to pencils… but boy… these are pretty!

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