Last weekend was Taste of Little Italy, a street festival that happens once a year along College Street. They close College off to cars, and the whole street is filled up with tents and booths and people. Our main shop at 52 Clinton is just off College, midway along the festival, which is an exciting place to be. There’s music, balloons, rides if you go far enough west, and of course, lots of great food.

The shop was open on Saturdays, so the family came down on Sunday (when the shop is usually closed) to take a walk through the festival. It was a little grey, but much better than a hot sun.

With two kids, and possibly also without, it’s nice to have a little home base to drop off our stuff at, to know where there’s a bathroom, to be able to take a break: a second home away from the crowds.

We meandered down the street, early enough in the day that it wasn’t too hot or busy, sort of on a slow graze through some of the tasty treats.

The fried chicken sandwich place. We didn’t stop by because the line was long and because we can come by here anytime, but for reference, this is an excellent place to get a good fried chicken sandwich. Excellent crisp, good slaw. That and a good pen: what else could you ask for in life?
Taste of the lime-ade from this giant lemon that makes its way to I think basically all street festivals in Toronto. Very tasty. I also have it at the Cabbagetown Festival in the fall. There are a couple different lemon shaped lemonade stands, but this one is my favourite.
Good Books For A Buck
This is Sellers & Newel Second-Hand Books located west of us on College.
Nothing like a bookstore with abundant seating.

While Jon and the kids continued roaming the festival, and then went off to the park, I took over the shop—the first time that I’ve ever been left completely in charge of the main shop. I was all set up for a quiet afternoon, since we’re usually closed on Sundays and hence our regulars wouldn’t come by on purpose, but I didn’t get too much a chance to get bored. It was lovely to see so many new faces who were wandering past to or from the Taste of Little Italy. I’m not sure if Jon would approve of all of my game time decisions, but he wasn’t there, so...

You can see the blog post here from last year’s Taste of Little Italy, 2018.


Currently reading: The Power by Naomi Alderman
Currently drinking: jasmine tea
Current surprising unpleasantness: two mosquito bites
Latest satisfying project: organizing all (/most of) the kids books onto their own shelf
Current state of trip preparations: figuring out the lock combination on our luggage
Total bandaids filched from the reserve box in the bin for the trip:
Caleb: 3
Jon: 2

June 19, 2019 — wonderpens



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