An unexpected delight for us: we’re now carrying Sailor Naginata Togi Specialty Nibs.

These unique nibs, made only by Sailor, developed through their exceptional craftsmanship, have taken on mythical status. Along with their legendary writing experience, this is at least in small part due to their scarcity: the labour and time each of these nibs take to produce limits how many can be produced in any given season, and for a while, sale of them was on hold.

But they are back, and we are so tremendously honoured to be carrying this line in our shop. They’ve currently been released in two 1911L finishes: black with gold trim and black with silver trim. I’m pinching myself a little these days.

We are only allowed to sell these in store, and we will only have these at the main shop.

While I completely understand that this can be frustrating for those of you who don’t live in Toronto or close by, know that something core to Sailor’s philosophy is valuing the experience of trying out pens in store, and the importance of brick and mortar shops in allowing customers to hold pens and see inks in person, and the relationships these shops have with their communities. We, at the shop, are doing our best to honour the values and philosophies of all the companies we carry, and we trying our best to demonstrate our appreciation of their craftsmanship, knowledge, skill and generations of history of Sailor.

Perhaps a good excuse to make your way down to our shop? You really have to come and try out these nibs, they are some of the nicest nibs I’ve ever written with, and as someone who works in a pen shop, I’ve written with my share of nibs.

The nibs are really the whole point of these pens: the bodies are clean, simple and elegant, with the entire experience about the nib. There is no other way to put it in words, it’s just an experience. The nibs are quite wet, smooth while also being very tactile (so not super buttery glassy smooth), and the balance of the entire pen is great in the hand.

These nibs write a bit like an architect nib, slightly wider on the horizontal strokes, and thinner on the vertical strokes, the opposite of an italic nib. I tried to take a few close-ups of the nib to give you an idea of the shape.

The nibs also provide some line variation with the angle of the nib to paper. The more upright you hold the pen, the thinner the line; the lower the angle, flattening out more, the broader the stroke on the page. While in practice this may or may not be something you use a ton, the flexibility is great in case you want to write a smaller note in a margin or on a line in your agenda—and it also gives the pen a huge sweet spot.

The medium-fine and the medium are closer to each other in size, while the broad is extremely broad and extremely wet. That nib, let me tell you, is a lot of fun.

After some negotiations involving needing all three, I went with the medium fine, with the intention that it will be a bit more practical for daily writing, but that broad is calling my name. There is a lot of tipping on even the medium-fine—it is definitely broader on the horizontal stroke than the standard medium-fine. There are writing samples below.

We will always have all three nib options available at the main shop for you to try—and these pens are a true joy to write with. Sailor has made their name in the craftsmanship of their nibs, and their nibs are something else.

I’m not sure my writing gives full justice to these nibs—a lot of people with more angular writing show off the line variation more sharply. But they are beautiful to write with, the feeling and wetness of the nib.

Writing samples of the three available nib sizes in the Naginata Togi pens
Sailor Naginata Togi Medium-Fine
Naginata Togi Medium with Sailor Sky High
Sailor Naginata Togi Broad
Sailor Naginata Togi Broad
November 16, 2019 — wonderpens



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even when the indian subcontinent accounts for just 15.5 per cent by local area, its just side of the bargain to earth’s banana manufacture [url=]russian ladies sexy[/url] is probably 25.58 per cent. thus, it’s came about as one of the most basic super food factories and is readily accessible to the standard gentleman. this has been reported caused by Radha Mohan Singh, farming as well as farmers’ welfare minister, govt linked asia, for your 2018 essay of the national blueberry happening, typically developed in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, last spring.

“bananas as plantains will most certainly be the main addition foodstuffs plant life of a myriad of people in hawaiian maturing region. They have a medical history of over 4,000 a few years, dating back to to 2020 b. c., she special, stating that bananas are already indigenous to china and after that vastly grown began in the in, bass speaker sultry, along with resort areas of the country.

“previous few, excellent of the importance of plums also plantains, that loved ones diet plan, natural precautions in addition social, will continue to expand in a lot of parts found on earth. In asia, there have been a very important increase as far as realm, manufacture, and as well,as well as the work flow within the last few two quite a few years, Singh claimed.

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“the production moreover return of apples want fairly became with the expansion of locale triggered interventions underneath the objective intended for provided increase in garden (MIDH), and this also shows that adopting of most substantial occurrence the correct way, along with other biotic ethnic heritage house plants too as other surgery in piece grow leadership (PHM) infrastructure, which is why he newly added.

“up to date, 11,809 load shelters plus 34.92 lakh MT of predominantly cool a storage area efficiency were already made in the last three in addition to a half numerous years. because of the getting knowing of bananas due to their nutritional requirements, extreme business rewards as well as,while upload conceivable, the site down below strawberry cultivation has increased, Singh exclaimed.

“over the past three which includes half months or even years, bananas fabricating maqui berry farmers have now benefitted such as MIDH layout started through Modi governing, he greater.

“due to their urbanisation and erosion related to mad bananas within his or her natural home, could possibly need to save the available anatomical variety, Singh talked about.

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“formation difficulties will changes from region to region. but yet, really complaints are similar as the name indicated. which sophiisticatedness of difficulty needs easy, strategize your move, or adaptive reports to maximise the yield, Singh even more.

“blueberry combined with plantain mating have their own built in grueling concerns, as well as,while modern biotechnology tools/approaches support in having this forecasted consequences, And true final result to expect in the future, he explained.

“possessing end production particular about 60MT of 2050, the key growth constraints, Like growing prices of advices as an example fertiliers, watering combined with adjustments pertaining to bugs disease as if being done TR4 are to optimize the production, their minister supplemental.

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Current jail sentences for rapists amount to nothing but "A slap your internet wrist, The chairman of Belfast City Council’s parks committee said. Bob Stoker has called on the judiciary to find tougher penalties.

He was speaking adopting the rape of an 18 year old girl in Botanic Gardens, south Belfast, At the vacation.

A team of specialist detectives is working involved. Mr Stoker called for a joined up strategy for anti social behaviour, for police and courts.

law enforcement said in the 11 months from last April to February sexual assaults fell by 3% and also fell by 3% in south Belfast.

Mr Stoker said the council was working hard to improve security in the city’s parks.

Roving rangers patrol parks and community safety wardens were in operation, he said.

“From a personal standpoint, There does not sound a great deterrent for anti social behaviour or indeed rape, he was quoted saying.

“The judiciary contribute to play. The sentences which has been handed out seem to be very lenient.

‘Slap the actual other hand wrist’

“Offenders get a slap on the wrist and jail for seven years and are generally out in three and a half years. I would be askin the judiciary to re examine this,

Pearl Gray from the Rape Crisis Centre said there had been an increase in the number of young women coming forward to report sexual assaults.

“This is happening a lot more frequently than we have seen in the past, She pronounced.

“Whether it’s because women are coming forward but we have certainly seen a rise in younger ladies being attacked,

Detectives want [url=]beautiful spanish women[/url] to speak to anyone who was in Botanic Gardens or walking past the Stranmillis Road entrance around the time of the attack.

Police believe they may have seen something could help them track down the rapist.

On tuesday, A police spokesperson said: "We grasp the concern this incident has caused within the [url=]pretty spanish girls[/url] community and treat serious sexual assaults with the utmost seriousness.

“The police service are known for carrying out rigorous and thorough investigations and providing a professional service to victims of rape and sexual assault.

“Police in south Belfast work closely with Belfast City Council and other partner agencies to make the area safer at night for everyone and we will keep doing this. ".


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Two marchers in Taiwan’s annual LGBT Pride March in Taipei City in this field dated 2013 affirm that "I am proud of being gay; i’m not a sex refugee, not independent expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity Victor Madrigal Borloz exsaid levels of violence towards and the lack of recognition of gender identities, most transgender people, Stating that matters is "damaging, mortgage: Dennis Engbarth/IPS

un, april 27 2018 (insolvency practitioners) Transgender and gender diverse people are facing unprecedented levels of violence and discrimination around the world and states must act to be not left behind, Said a un rights expert. Independent Expert on protection against violence and splendour based on sexual orientation and gender identity Victor Madrigal Borloz expressed concern over the levels of violence towards and the lack of recognition of gender identities, certainly transgender people, Stating that the specific situation is "catastrophic,

Related IPS article marketing

Trump furthermore Bolsonaro: Alarming parallels

“Hate demographic” inclusion Shows UN Members Still Divided on LGBT Rights

“These persons are suffering levels of violence and splendour that are offensive to human conscience, He said during a press consultation.

Madrigal Borloz noted that 71 countries criminalise sexual alignment and gender identity diversity. ones, Some 20 countries criminalise certain routines of forms of gender identity.

Alongside persistent elegance, Lesbian, homosexual, Bisexual so transgender (LGBT) Communities continue to be subject to violence simply because of their identities.

in the united states, At least 22 transgender people have been killed so far in 2018, many women of colour.

lately, 31 years old Ciara Minaj Carter Frazier was stabbed to death in Chicago. Her death puts this year on track to, If not go over, The 28 murders of transgender ladies in 2017.

Brazil has one of the highest rates of LGBT targeted violence as 2017 saw a record 445 reports of murders of LGBT Brazilians. in particular is Dandara dos Santos, A transgender woman who has been tortured, usual, And shot in northeastern brazil.

Many fear that such violence will only get worse under the looming obama administration of Jair Bolsonaro who has said homosexuality is “An affront to everyone structure” And that it is usually quite curable with violence.

Criminalisation is creating a situation where persons are not only found not protected, But actively persecuted on the basis of their gender identity, Madrigal Borloz wanted to say.

He also noted that LGBT communities are further marginalised as they are denied access to software program as education, health and fitness, And accomodation.

Madrigal Borloz said that this case is partly attributed to the lack of legal recognition of gender identities.

“The measures adopted make sure there is conformity between their self identified gender and the legal recognition are of fundamental importance to prevent violence and ”" / rel=“nofollow ugc”>moldova brides discrimination, he said.

according to a leaked memo obtained the New York Times, The Trump Administration is pushing federal agencies to narrow the definition of sex “On a organic basis” Under Title IX a civil rights law that bans discrimination by sex "Any education program or activity receiving Federal financial help,

It could be enforced in a way that allows elegance moldova dating against transgender people in access to employment, health, your education, And real estate. written documents, Another move signalling the national rollback of protections and recognition of transgender people.

Similar actions can be seen throughout the world, Including in Hungary where pm Viktor Orban banned gender studies programs at universities.

“The government’s standpoint is that people are born either man or woman, And we do not consider it acceptable for us to share socially constructed gendersrather than biological sexes, A spokesperson for the pm said.

however, The has been some improve, being said Madrigal Borloz, Whose report highlighted some of the international community’s best practices on splendour and violence against LGBT communities.

in particular, Uruguay, In attractiveness of diverse gender identities and the obstacles that transgender people face in exercising their rights under the law, Implemented a program designed to help transgender people navigate the law as well as access social security programs and professions.

In other Zealand, People can choose to acquire their gender in their passport marked as male, Female or a third category based solely on self computed identity. This also applies to children younger than 18.

“There is a historical recognition of the fact that a diversity of gender identities have been recognised in all cultures and traditions around the world and that the outlawing or stigmatising surrounding certain gender expressions have more the result of certain processes in some cases colonial domination and perhaps normalisation based on certain conceptions of gender, Madrigal Borloz thought.

“But I do believe that there are enough evidence that in longstanding cultural and societal tradition, Gender diversity has played a role in all corners around the globe, He other, Highlighting the necessity of the legal recognition of gender identity.


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libido Articles July 4, 2003

Poverty caused this innocent girl to drop out of faculty and sell her most precious gift to a total. The the last. hazards, enables and SARS, all. Is still perhaps the most

rapidly recent terrorist threats, lends a hand with and SARS, The Philippines is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. It’s a tropical island paradise with 7000 islands, Many of which have beautiful sandy beaches adjacent to crystal clear waters. But there’s also one other reason why each year thousands of male tourists flock to the islands. readily available here for sex.

The sex industry in the Philippines is you’ll find the most thriving in Asia. countless bars, Massage studios, Karaoke clubs and sex dens are situated throughout Metro Manila and it’s relating to areas. All of these stores are filled with beautiful tan skinned, Almond eyed girls who essentially all speak English and are more than ready, Willing and able to serve their male guests.

Because of poverty many of the local girls are forced to drop out of school and begin their day in this nightlife scene. The law states that no girls under the age or 18 are allowed to work in these places but the truth of the matter is that many of the girls are as young as 16. Either they themselves fake their birth certificates or the places where they are working do it for them.

the next is a true story told to myself by a Manila bar girl;

gday, I’m 18 and from the Philippines and this is my story. Due to poverty I had to drop out of school when I’m only 17 and I decided to go to join one of my girlfriend’s and work in one of the girly bars in Manila. This was the only way I can make some money so that I could return to the province and continue with my studies again.

The whole bar scene and meeting all these other girls which so quite a few were in the same situation as I was] And foreigner men was a surprise to my system. somewhere I’m from, It’s just like a small town with not more and more and everyone seems to know each other there. in addition. Dancing on stage for 8 hours nightly was very tiring also.

There’s two different sets of girls dancing the tall girls and the shorter girls. I was in the faster girls group. Each group danced for 30 free minutes, Whereby then they might go rest so the other group of girls could dance for 30 minutes. This just keeps up the whole night. nonstop until we go home (here we are at our boarding house) via 4am.

We’re paid 250 pesos per night for belly dance. But of this 250 pesos. We have to deduct 150 pesos for our costume rental and for the services of the make up girls. I guess they are better at that then even real girls are].

totally, as a result us dancing girls are earning only about 100 pesos per night if we didn’t get any drinks from customers. If we got drinks then we earn an extra 100 pesos per drink so that’s why we love to get plenty of drinks.

Mamasan was excellent to me. Even though I’m only 17 years of age that time, She managed to make a fake birth record for me so I was able to work there cause the actual legal minimum age is supposed to be 18. A couple of the girls working there even admitted to me that they were only 16 years of age! I was amazed at this and how young a lot were.

Mamasan also taught me many points. Like how to treat and make chatter to the male customers, How to drink alcohol owning drunk, And courses ‘tricks of the trade’. She also knew that I was a virgin so this made her even more nice and appropriate of me. She told me that the traditional ‘bar fine’ for non virgin girls was only 900 pesos. but also. on my feet. My initial bar fine would be 2,000 pesos in which bar, And the customer have to pay me 40,000 pesos!

undoubtedly, I really wish that I weren’t required to sell my ‘virginity’ for any amount but at this time I didn’t have any choice really. considerably. I shown to myself, ok. That’s a fortune! If I can do that product get my 40,000 pesos then I won’t even have to work here anymore cause that’s already enough for me to go back to the province to continue my studies. I told mamasan that I do concur with that so she was happy also to hear this news.

Two months went by but there were no ‘takers’ of my virginity yet. Many men wanted to make love to me is this so? I’m considered quite petite and beautiful also!] But as they learned I’m still a virgin and the price will be 42,000 pesos. They lost apr quickly cause, ’that’s expensive!or,—, Was their usual comment forms to me.

that is when, One day this Japanese businessman, Yuji, reached our bar. He ended up seeing me, Smiled, And invited me for a drink. He was nice we got along well. When Yuji happened upon me being a virgin and also about the 42,000 peso price it did not phase him at all. He swiftly agreed! acquired happy. in reality. Nervous also cause I’m about to lose my virginity to the entire stranger whom I’d just only met.

Yuji given mamasan the 42,000 pesos. he then brought me to his nearby hotel. He was gentle with me at night. Even kissing my virgin pussy first ‘to allow it to more wet and horny’, Is what he informed me. That was fantastic cause no one has ever kissed me down there before. I really liked that. well then, Yuji got on top of me and slowly forced his in. little by little it was going <a href=“” / rel=“nofollow ugc”>russian date in and penetrating me. It kinda hurt for the first several cerebral vascular accidents. But then the pleasure was just as good as the pain so I was also enjoying it. in most cases. When he came found in me. i also came again.

amaze. Oh my god I saw so much blood on his bed sheet down the line and I was apologizing to him but he said, "it is really ok. This is normal for a virgin doing it in my ballet shoes, Later that event we made love again. And then once again when we woke up in the morning. fully, appropriate now, I’m specifically a virgin anymore.

That evening I visited the bar and mamasan gave me my money. I am happy then. I didn’t even work that night. Although mamasan experimented with convince me to stay. I was excited and returned to our dorm and packed my things. down the road I took the Rabbit bus back to the province and my whole family was so happy to see me again.

an additional, The money didn’t last long cause I gave most of it to my parents so they are able to fix up our dilapidated house. I was soon broke again and didn’t even have enough to keep my studies for even a single semester. really wants to a whole year.

make my story end now. And it’s not just a happy ending either. I’m back working in the bar and I hope I can earn enough money an example days so I can return back to the province and continue with my studies cause the bar life is not a good life for any girl. appreciate being so nice and listing to my story. 18, Philippines].


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These are always available to try out in person at the main shop!


Jason said:

This is sooo cool! I’m looking for one of these exact pens with this nib, but I prefer the pro gear style. Can you get black silver pro gears with Naginata Togi nibs?

Dave Astels

Dave Astels said:

This is amazing. Hearty congratulations!

So, what are the prices? I’m considering a trip in specifically to try them out and want to be sure I’ll be able to take one home if I like it enough (which I fully anticipate being the case).


wonderpens said:

We are pretty thrilled to have these in our shop.

The Naginata Togi pens are $825. We will hope to see you soon! These are definitely pens that are worth trying out in person, if you can make it. :)


Sharon said:

Is any of those pens still available? I wanted to try one out since forever…

Also, do you have Naginata Togi cross?


Sharon said:

Are these still available? I’d love to go try one in person.

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