It’s always strange to put together gift guides, because gifting is such a varied and personal experience. However, even the best of us sometimes need ideas, and here’s what’s available from us this year. Mother’s Day is coming up fast! May 10th.

If Mother’s Day isn’t really a thing for you, consider these as gift options for other celebrations, birthdays, or just because.

We have Mother’s Day cards! If you leave a note in the comments, we will transcribe the note into the card for you.
We are now offering a Traveler’s Notebook bundle. When you get the leather cover, it comes with one insert already, but this new bundle is for those looking to get set up and to test out multiple inserts and setting up a system.
Also, a beginner calligraphy supplies bundle. Especially great for mamas or other people who have time at home these days.
We actually have a Bungubox ink called Mother, and it’s a delightful spring pink. If you’re looking for a pen to get as well, consider the Mango Safari. If they’re not already a pen person, they’ll certainly think of you every time they write with it, and what a fun combination.
Another idea is to begin a handwritten correspondence with your mama. Pick out a set of envelopes and stationery to send her. I very much hope Naomi and Caleb will be letter writers when they’re older and they’ve moved off to wherever they’ve moved off to.
A Mystery Pen Surprise! Possibly your safest bet because you can honestly claim to have had no possible control over the pens in case they turn out to not be her favourite ones (we sort of think all the pens are pretty great, but we’re a little biased).

In any case, I’m sure you’re all already responsible gift givers and I am wishing you a very special celebration.

May 04, 2020 — wonderpens



Steven said:

Tant traveler’s set is so cool!

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