Spring is here and with it I have filled my pens with some fall-inspired inks.


Diamine Ancient Copper in a Lamy Terra Red Safari fine

Kaweco Caramel Brown in a Pelikan M200 fine

Sailor Kobe #15 Maiko Green in a TWSBI AL-Mini medium

Noodler’s Blue-Black in an Edison Beaumont medium

Noodler’s Ottoman Azure in a Lamy LX fine




Without a doubt, one of my all-time favourite inks, Diamine Ancient Copper. There is something warm and bright but not too flashy about this ink. It is a classic, a long-beloved ink in the pen world. The photo of the swab makes it look pretty dramatic, and it’s not quite so vibrant—that is, alas, more a reflection of my photography skills, which could most accurately be described as the kind of skills that invite people to give me advice. It is warm and rich, orange with red and brown in there.


Diamine is low on stock these days, but we are very much looking forward to spring finally breaking open and getting our shipment in. Not exactly sure when that will be, may be towards May.




Kaweco Caramel Brown is an earthy brown with a healthy amount of shading, looks great on a cream page.




I love this warm, hunter green, Kobe #15 Maiko Green. It is another earthy green colour, deep in the woods of things.




Noodler’s Blue-Black is another classic, one of Noodler’s earliest inks. Water resistant and bullet proof, a good ink for class notes and cheques. I used to use this ink a lot, a solid colour with good shading, but over the years with so many new inks in the world and in the shop it has become overshadowed by the flash of life.




Another rich ink from Noodler’s, Ottoman Azure. Noodler’s inks tend to be quite saturated, and a bit of water leftover in your feed will probably make little difference in these inks. Vibrant and ultra blue.







With the recent warm weather, the squirrels have become increasingly squirrelly. The other day, I had the door open while I was hanging laundry on the line outside and a squirrel came inside to start digging around in my potted plants. Chicken hardly bothers with them anymore, they are so rampant and relentless.


At the very least they are better than the raccoons who freak me out to no end. We have several large trees spanning the backyards behind the studio shop and the raccoons scurry up and down and languish about during the day, but at night, they creep and crawl over our decks and fire escapes like the menaces they are.


Currently reading: Caste by Isabel Wilkerson

Currently looking forward to: a Life shipment perhaps maybe someday eventually coming in

Currently looking at: Naomi, who is supposed to be sleeping, but is awake, staring back at me

Also: a ladder Jon has promised to bring back down to the basement but is still up


Current laundry situation: not great, not bad




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March 22, 2021 — Liz Chan

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