We got a label maker. The small delights of life these days, they know no bounds.


We actually got two, one for the studio shop/home (really for the home as the studio shop is basically toast, a dark, lifeless abyss that people sometimes call, mistaking it for the main shop, just a vacuous black hole of hope covered in a film of dust, recollecting its earlier days waiting for permits, life’s ironic circles mocking at all turns), and one for the main shop. The labels at the main shop and warehouse are, of course, less exciting because things are spelled correctly. (In fact, though, I am quite thrilled to be labeling things at the warehouse: “Kaweco spare parts”! “Mail”! “Fine”!)


Caleb has been having a lot of fun being about as helpful as you might expect.





In any case, here in Toronto it is occasionally grey and occasionally snowy and occasionally hints of sunlight come out and we all believe for just a moment that the future is going to be okay and then some child breaks something or spills something on a library book or some adult makes some passive aggressive comment about the heat and another adults makes some equally passive aggressive comment about how we all have to wear another sweater if we’re cold and then we march onward.


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February 10, 2021 — Liz Chan


Lillian Chen

Lillian Chen said:

Isn’t that how we say it? Caleb is welcome to label my stuff any time. What’s on Chicken’s label?


Vee said:

“SOENG MUSHEN” gave me a good chuckle. Looks like it could be the name of a fictional character!

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