Upon a dusty windowsill, a couple of plants continue to stay alive. What are the chances! So many strikes against them from the moment they crossed my threshold: pots too small, watered infrequently, low light, above a baseboard heater, at one point in time I believe I saw a creepy crawler in one of the pots which meant a period of several weeks of avoidance and non-watering, in an effort to smoke out that thing with unclear success.


But now, upon us, is daylight saving, and with it longer days, and all of that additional solar lumen energy flowing in through the filters of a frosted, north-facing, never yet been cleaned window may perhaps be just what these plants need.


It is Friday and pizza night here, the cat is stretched out on the deck, half-heartedly pawing at anyone walking near him, I picked up my library holds from a librarian who was gracious enough to not comment on my overdue books.




Currently reading: The Removed by Brandon Robson

Currently drinking: ginger turmeric tea

Latest achievement: vacuuming

Current household drama: Chicken and our neighbour’s cat variously hissing at each other and sunbathing together

Currently looking forward to: being able to have the windows open


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March 26, 2021 — Liz Chan

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