The longer this whole thing goes on, the less I seem to have to update each week (although we are working on re-opening still). And yet I forge on.

We’ve begun heading out to Allan Gardens for late afternoon picnics, which is lovely. Allan Gardens is as full of interesting people as ever, along with ants and bees and big shady trees, all of which lend a very unique flavour to the park. They recently cut down a real giant of a tree, which is sad, although after every major storm, it seems like the park is littered with massive branches. The library is open for curb side pick up, and sometimes we go the park after we pick up our books.

In any case, there’s not much to update. Restaurants around the city have been enjoying their patios. Because we have the kids, we haven’t ventured out too much ourselves—we generally pick up take out and eat it semi-warm on our own terrace, where the kids can run around.

We’re sort of taking this quiet, unusual summer season for what it is. Before we know it, it’ll be an entirely new sort of back to school. We’re already scrolling through online catalogues of fall things, 2021 things, new things. I feel like I’m not quite ready for time to continue marching on, in giant, stomping footsteps, but then again, maybe starting a fresh new 2021 agenda is something to look forward to.

July 19, 2020 — wonderpens

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