Two horrifying things have happened recently. The first: I discovered Chicken has worms. It was this little tiny white thing that looked suspicious and displeasing to the eye and upon closer inspection and the internet, the more terrifyingly displeasing news that it was likely a worm. Jon took Chicken to the vet, along with the worm, sealed up in a little plastic bag.


Confirmed by the vet as indeed a worm, I received that dubious pleasure of being right. Apparently he’s probably picked it up from one of the mice he’s caught. Yuck! I thought to myself. Gross.


Until, the second horrifying event: Jon returned home with a mostly dewormed cat and a dental estimate to remove one of Chicken’s teeth, which broke off a year and a half ago. I was aghast. Aghast is maybe not the right word. It was over $2000. To remove a single tooth from my cat. A tooth that’s already partially removed! They clipped his nails for free while doing the deworming, so I suppose they’re not entirely heartless.


In any case, Chicken continues to saunter around, another triumph in his life’s mission of extracting all possible joy from the human side of cat ownership, lounging and stretching and sharpening his recently trimmed claws on our carpet. He smirks at his humans, saddled with the burdens of his care, the Herculean task of loving a cat.














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January 09, 2021 — Liz Chan


Michelle Y

Michelle Y said:

You have no idea how much this tale of woe both horrified and pleased me with it’s vivid detail. (the worm in a bag! OMG!) Love how chicken remains unfazed and irritating photogenic through it all! xo


Joey said:

I’d get a second estimate on the dental. $2000 is outrageous for one tooth.

Anne MacLellan

Anne MacLellan said:

In reply to Elizabeth Costa, cats often live much longer than dogs now, especially large dogs. I have one cat who is 19. My best friend had one cat live to be 22 & another to age 21.

Anne MacLellan

Anne MacLellan said:

I’m sympathetic – cats who catch mice get worms (sometimes fleas as well. Sometimes they get worms from the fleas.) None of mine (I have 3) go outside ever for this reason. However once they’ve known the great outdoors, it’s impossible to put the genie back in the bottle & make them into indoor cats. ( I also lost an outdoor cat to a car.)

Cat dental work is incredibly expensive and unfortunately not unusual (some cats are more prone to dental problems than others).

Elisabeth Costa

Elisabeth Costa said:

Yes, we do love our pets :). Our oldest cat is 14 and wonder how much longer we get to enjoy his slow and funny antics.


Rose said:

I feel your pain, Liz. Our cat Fred was relieved of a blockage in his bladder (you cannot put a catheter in a cat without sedation — ka-ching ka-ching!) to the tune of $2100. Just came home a few days ago with lots of meds. Yesterday due to stress, he had licked off a big chunk of his fur. Yes, loving a cat can be a Herculean feat! Not sure I detect any gratitude on his part…
Anyway, all good wishes to you and the family and Chicken, of course, smirk and all.

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