Chris Rouleau Wonder Pens Chalkboard One of my favourite things about moving into this shop space is the huge chalkboard wall that came with it - and we recently had brush lettering artist and designer Christopher Rouleau come into the shop and do up our chalkboard in style. Chris does chalkboard walls and signs, design work, and some great stuff on Instagram, along with teaching lettering workshops through Ligatures, a typography organization he co-founded. Chris actually came in to do our chalkboard this summer, now months ago! I can hardly remember those hot, sunny days when Caleb could run out the door in shorts and a t-shirt, and we would sit in the shade under a tree with some ice cream. While we're now getting pretty deep into autumn, and this chalkboard seems to have to do with the summer, it's a timely reminder all the same - to take the time to enjoy the journey and everything you see along the way. Chris Rouleau Wonder Pens Chalkboard Chris Rouleau Wonder Pens Chalkboard Chris Rouleau Wonder Pens Chalkboard This wall has been up for a couple of months now, and I have Bogdan to thank for moving me along with the last piece of it, which is editing and putting the video together. I've been blaming my laptop, but it's actually more to do with my complete lack of technological skills. It's a miracle even these blog posts make it out into the great cyber abyss, some days. Chris is of course beyond talented, but I have to laugh every time I watch this video seeing Chicken as a tiny kitten, following Chris around and waiting beneath the chair as Chris climbs up and down. I think Chicken really found a kindred spirit in Chris, which I don't think I really caught on the day he came. I kept trying to shoo Chicken away, thinking he was bothering Chris, but it turns out when no one was watching, they formed their own sort of bond, which I guess is kind of how it is with animals. It's a sign of how long ago it was that Chris came to do this chalkboard that Chicken is such a scrawny little guy, and you kind of want to squish him for being so cute and small and just kind of trailing around aimlessly. Chicken really is a very sweet cat, but his adolescence now has brought about a lot of chasing and attacking, so it's nice to remember him as a soft furry thing. This chalkboard is only going to be up for a few more days! So if you haven't seen it in person yet, and you're in the neighbourhood, be sure to stop by. If you know anyone who might be interested in doing some of their magic on our chalkboard, have them send us an email - We're always looking for new and friendly folks on our walls.
November 15, 2016 — wonderpens



wonderpens said:

Thanks so much for reading! Christopher is incredibly talented :)

Susan White

Susan White said:

Awesome to see the process. Thanks for posting this.

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