Some of the Noodler's flavours you've been waiting for.  We've been accumulating requests for the last few weeks, holding off to make sure we got everyone's vote in, and our order has arrived. You can see our Noodler's Inks here. Here are our new colours, some that have been requested, some we just thought we'd try out. #41 Brown Standard Brown V-mail Burma Road Brown Rome Burning Violet Red-Black Habannero
Apache Sunset Antietam Black Swan in English Roses Midnight Blue Blue-Black Squetegue Sequoia Navajoe Turquoise 54th Massachusetts Blue Ghost
  And we also have Black in the 4.5 oz bottles! Of course, if you are interested in any colours, please let us know and we'll get it on our next order. There are just so many colours, so we can only hope we're getting a good mix of your favourites and ones you haven't tried yet! Leave a comment or send us an email!

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June 18, 2013 — wonderpens

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